第21屆小巨人獎_億升工業股份有限公司(Yih Sheng Auto Parts Ind Co., Ltd.)




一、 專注技術、持續投入研發
二、 核心競爭力
三、 發展中衛體系,創造靈活的生產方式

【Products and Solutions】
Auto Crash Parts: hoods, fenders, front and rear bumpers, radiator support assembly, trunk lid and plastic grille items.

YIH SHENG started out by selling automotive parts and materials to service shops in 1977. Step by step, we have concentrated firmly on our line of business, built a strong core team, invested in R&D and channel plans, and established a steady growth in business performance. The main business scope of YIH SHENG is automotive sheet metal parts, including engine hood, fender, bumper, rad. support assy., front bumper reinforcement and various types of moulding assy.. In order to provide high quality, vast variety, short delivery time and most competitive products to satisfy our customers, we have formed a strong strategic alliance with upstream and downstream firms. By holding the spirit of “pursue excellence and surpass limits”, we have sought continuously for innovation and change in business management, we also uphold the principles of morality and steadfastness to bring the best quality and do our best to meet customers’ requirements. Ever since we were founded over three decades ago, YIH SHENG has established professional image and reputation among the industry by being dedicated to our business development and strict quality control.

【Export Competitiveness】
I. Focus on technology and continue to invest in R&D
Over the years, we have been investing a huge amount of resources in product research and development. Our Chairman is quite fond of studying mold designs as he not only participates in R&D personally but also supervises development progress, thus creating our core competitiveness of rapid product development and vast product variety.
II. Core competitiveness
As automotive sheet metal parts are diversified on the market, product quality, mold quantity and delivery time have become significant competitiveness for automotive metal parts shops. YIH SHENG has over 30 years of experience in the field of sheet metal, we have developed and accumulated a large amount of molds for manufacturing many products to satisfy customers’ diversified procurement demands. This is our core competitive advantage. In addition, we prepare corresponding materials first for sheet metal parts of popular vehicles to elevate product delivery efficiency with the long-term cooperation of domestic and foreign automotive parts shops. We will continue to expand the automotive parts market with our production advantage and high quality service.
III. Develop center-satellite system, create flexible production methods
The collaboration between YIH SHENG and subcontractors is perfect. Our resources are concentrated on the design, mold opening and stamping of hoods and fenders, while subcontractors prepare materials for and manufacture the remaining products. This not only reduces costs but also creates industrial economies of scale and enhances international competitiveness. Over the years, we have built our own center-satellite system to make efforts in assisting later comers. In addition to improving production quality of subcontractors with our technical assistance, we also create industrial scales through work specialization for products to have flexibility and cost advantage, as well as reducing inventory and helping subcontractors enter overseas markets.