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Vision & Strategies


The Goals, Strategies, and Measures of the Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration

  1. Vision: To become the most reliable partner for the development of small and medium enterprises and startups.
  2. Organizational Objectives: providing SMEs and startups with development resources to promote growth and transformation, while giving consideration to inclusivity and sustainability, and fostering international competitiveness.

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  3. Strategies and Measures:
  • Value-added Startup Incubation and Innovation: establishing international entrepreneurship clusters, selecting outstanding startups to explore the international market, encouraging large and small enterprise collaborations, and fostering innovative upgrades and transformation.
  • Business Opportunity Stimulation and Sustainable Operations: developing urban and rural specialized industries, leading service innovation and promoting business opportunity matching, accelerating green transitions and circular sustainability, and achieving regional co-prosperity.
  • Financial Innovation and Investment Expansion: applying the Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund and the National Development Fund to facilitate financing and investment, promoting innovative applications of financial technology, and assisting SMEs in obtaining crucial funding.
  • Environmental Excellence and Inclusive Growth: formulating innovative policies, establishing a legal basis for guidance, promoting international cooperation mechanisms, facilitating overseas expansion, and strengthening the foundation for the growth and development of SMEs and start-ups.