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Bilingual Glossary

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No 中文(Chinese) 英文(English)
1 診斷輔導 diagnostic guidance
2 無所不在的學習 U-biquitous Learning/U-Learning
3 智慧管家創新服務推動聯盟 Best Butler Team(BBT)
4 智慧財產權專家小組 Intellectural Property Rights Experts Group (IPEG)
5 智慧財產權 intellectual property rights
6 智慧財產權 Intellectural Property Rights (IPR)
7 智慧企業 Smart Enterprise
8 提升科技資訊應用能力 technology and IT capability upgrading
9 循環經濟 Circular Economy
10 勞動市場資訊小組 Labour Market Information (LMI)
11 勞工 labor
12 創業鳳凰婦女小額貸款專案基金 Phoenix Micro Funds for Entrepreneurial Women
13 創業精神 entrepreneurial spirit
14 創業園區 business park
15 創業家簽證 Entrepreneur Visa
16 創業家精神 Entrepreneurship
17 創業活動 entrepreneurial activity
18 創業育成 business start-up and incubation
19 創新憑證(創新券) Innovation Voucher
20 創新與育成 innovation and cultivation