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Who are qualified to apply for the SME small working capital loan?

  1. 1An enterprise that complies with the Standards of the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Statute
  2. An enterprise whose collateral is not enough for the loan and needs to hand over to SME a credit guarantee, usually evidence that the manufacturing has been in operation for more than six months and the non-manufacturing operation has been going on for more than one year. 
  3. No bad credit record.
  4. Legitimate use of capital.
  5. Financial resources for reimbursement are clearly recognized.
  6. The enterprise has never applied for a loan or its outstanding loan balance is less than NT$3 million. For the small-scale enterprise which is not required to issue the uniform invoice, its outstanding loan balance is limited to less than NT$1.5 million. The enterprise with an outstanding loan exceeding the limit is eligible to apply under the guidelines of the Small and Medium Business Credit Guarantee Fund.