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Promote the Digital Clusters of SMEs

  • Plan introduction

The main goal is to enhance the digital participation of small enterprises, to coach more than 10 small enterprises to form a digital cluster, to strengthen the application and value-added of digital tools, and to promote the development of small enterprises.

"SMEs Digital Upgrade and Transformation Create Business Opportunities"

Organized through digital application seminars and seminars to provide on-the-spot service to help small businesses enhance their digital operations, management and marketing capabilities to expand business opportunities.

"Group counseling to play 1+1 is greater than 2"

It consists of more than 10 small and medium-sized enterprises, and combines resources and digital marketing to create business opportunities in a way that is united and powerful. Through leadership and group observation, it can enhance the cohesiveness of the group and the ability of leaders to communicate and coordinate. Work together to market the characteristics of the group, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable management.

  • Project goal

In order to strengthen the absorption of digital capabilities, deepen the application of digital services, and enhance the digital participation of small enterprises, by strengthening the application of digital tools and technologies, through the introduction, application and value-added of digital technology, and integrating related resources, assist Enterprises carry out upgrading and transformation, strategic cooperation, etc., promote the energy of digital marketing and sustainable management of enterprises, activate business development momentum, and drive local economy.

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