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The Project on Promoting Innovative Financing and Commercialization


The purpose of the project is to create platform and consultancy services to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups to launch new products faster and more efficiently.

This project consists two parts, the first part focus on continuous efforts in accumulating local manufacturing capacity and information in order to attract international startups to source high quality manufacturers in Taiwan. The project set up a web base platform (http://qmakit.findit.org.tw/) to assist startups to source prototyping manufacturers more efficiently, the platform also provides useful articles and information related to prototyping, crowdfunding and manufacturing hotspot map.

Another part of project is to assist startups to obtain funds via local and international crowdfunding platform. The project provides crowdfunding consultancy service to help startups getting ready on crowdfunding platform better and faster.

  • Tel: +886-2-2586-5000 ext. 204 Ms. Dai
  • Email: d23971@tier.org.tw