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Entrepreneurship University Program

  1. Online Courses:
    1. The SME online university offers 6 major categories of online courses, including information technology, human resources, financial management, marketing and distribution, entrepreneurship incubation, and general knowledge.
    2. It provides a dedicated digital learning platform space and tools for SMEs, assisting them in conducting human resource assessments, developing competency maps, and planning learning content and schedules through customized planning and guidance to enhance their human resources.
  2. Physical Courses:
    1. Conducts the "SME leadership workshops" and "leadership succession summit" programs, providing a platform for business owners to engage in practical case studies of business leaders and share experiences in business succession. This facilitates networking among attending entrepreneurs, sharing of new knowledge, and strengthening opportunities for business collaboration.
    2. Conducts the "family business succession training" program, focusing on exploring issues related to business succession. This program aims to ignite innovative ideas for succession plans among business owners and drive a wave of tradition and innovation in the field of business succession.