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Women Entrepreneurship Program



Women entrepreneurs who are start-ups, elite companies, or preparing to start a business.

Purpose Of The Program
The program is specialized in supporting entrepreneurial women who face various challenges at different stages. To remove obstacles on their entrepreneurial journey, a supporting counseling mechanism, government incentives, and entrepreneurial resources are provided by the Women Entrepreneurship Program, effectively developing their businesses and expanding business opportunities. According to the framework for the 2014 APEC announcement, a core competency highlighted on including "Consolidated Foundation," "Boosting Growth," "Elite Selection," and "Internationalization" is used to cultivate and empower women, and enhance competitiveness, in order to drive the dream and vitality of women entrepreneurship in Taiwan.

Service Content

  1. To extensively pool available entrepreneurial resources nationwide and create a business-startup knowledge.
  2. To connect with renowned international corporations or accelerators to cultivate women entrepreneurs' capacity to utilize enterprise technologies.
  3. To establish a selection mechanism that identifies women's businesses with the potential for further development for the selected enterprises to receive in-depth cultivation and assistance; to aid and support exemplary women enterprises and promote benchmark examples of successful women entrepreneurs.
  4. To assist women enterprises in acquiring startup funding and help them by expanding the scale of their businesses or enhancing their entrepreneurial quality.
  5. To connect and matchmake relevant international women's entrepreneurial resources and initiatives while promoting relevant international collaborations so that local women businesses can take part in international events.
  6. To construct one-stop integrated entrepreneurial consultation services for women to provide relevant information and resources for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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